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What’s missing from schools today – how to think

We won’t miss what we don’t know.

Symbolic Logic by Lewis Carroll - 1896

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A healthy education includes courses in Logic, which has been removed from today’s consensus-based classrooms that teach pupils what to think. Here is a book  by Lewis Carroll, from 1896, that teaches the reader how to think. Besides providing a base for everyday logic – allowing one to see through the manipulative language of media, for example –  this information opens a whole another dimension when navigating through Carroll’s more popular titles such as  ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’.

Contemplating the Ant Farm

“In order to realize the extent of absurdity in human behavior, try looking at your daily ‘reality’ from an ant farm perspective.”

vintage ant farm

Did you have an ant farm as a child? Remember observing the activity through the walls of glass? Did you ever imagine yourself being one of those ants?

On many levels, human societies resemble ant colonies; both species  develop hierarchical communities with weatherproof shelters, food banks and a defense team. Both have sophisticated engineering techniques and communication skills. The parallels are fascinating – some ants even establish farming operations with aphids as livestock, tending and milking their little herds as sustenance for the colony.

ant tending aphids

Ants & Aphids

In order to realize the extent of absurdity in human behavior, try looking at your daily ‘reality’ from an ant farm perspective. Become a social scientist. Float above your situation and peer into it with a magnifying glass. Disengage yourself from any emotional connection to the activities in the human farm. The longer you practice this technique, the more obvious your conditioning becomes.  You will acquire skills for living on an objective level  – where personal defenses become unnecessary as the reasons for them are revealed. This level of awareness releases you from the bondage of habits, defenses and conformity.

Progress is indicated when you begin to seriously question what you believe, how you live and why you partake in various behaviors.  When you can see through to the underlying messages around you, the human farm takes on a whole new appearance. they_live