i am the center of my universe

a vessel of infinite joy and creativity

i do not follow; i lead  

i do not believe; i question

resisting contamination 

i exist for beauty and love

Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae 'The cosmic rose'

This is a simple affirmation of pure ‘oneness’*. It liberates the mind, clarifies purpose and directs the will. It is the essence of a powerful boundless human with infinite potential.

When one becomes singularly empowered, external influences, insecurity and emotional desires are diminished, allowing for a life free of attachment and immune to manipulation. Clarifying personal energy is a Key to Freedom.

*Unfortunately, the term oneness has become synonymous with collectivism – the concept of all people being/thinking/living as ‘one’. Beware merging with the hive-mind; conformity is the death of authenticity.