Contessa de Luna Radianté took residence in an earthly shell during the influence of a full moon / lunar eclipse. Originally from Pennsylvania, she now lives in New Zealand and operates as a metaphysical surgeon – using stories, images and music to expose illusions and clarify reality. She is a  multi-media artist and musician, with a background that includes self-reliant homesteading, midwifery, corporate  marketing/administration and socio-political studies.





Inspiration & muse for the Academy project is Pallas Athene.


Pallas Athene was born fully grown and armoured from the head of Zeus. She is the Goddess of Wisdom, a truth-seeking revolutionary presiding over the intellectual and moral side of human life. Her spear and shield are symbols of defense from outward sources –  she prefers to solve conflict with logic, objectivity and wisdom.

The city of Athens was built in her honor and she is credited with being the inventor of musical instruments and a patroness of  useful, elegant arts – such as architecture and fine craftsmanship; Her Roman counterpart is Minerva.

Pallas Athene’s companions are a Serpent (Erichthonius / born to Gaia) and an Owl. The Serpent represents our innate primal wisdom and the Owl is the cerebral counterpart who can see into the dark realms – that which is ‘occulted’.