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Keys to Freedom is a candid review of the state of our society and the resultant state of our minds. This is a lively stand-alone presentation that is recommended as a prerequisite to other Academy courses.

Here, we look at the human farming enterprise from a sociological perspective.

  • The New World Disorder – from WWF to WTF?
  • Who are ‘THEY’? Unmasking the Maniacs that Ruin the World.
  • Paradigms, Parasites & a Pair of Blue Jeans – Conformity & Compliance
  • Weapons of Mass Distraction – Techno-Sorcery, Propaganda & Illusions
  • Symbols – Tools of Deception; Hidden in Plain Sight
  • The Great Shit in Consciousness – Love & Light, Fear & Flight, Black & White Programming
  • In the Game of God – Psychics, Channels & Millionaire Gurus
  • The New Rage – Activism and the ‘World Savior Complex’
  • The Green Curtain – Exposing the Hidden Agendas
  • Climax Change – Always Waiting for the Tipping Point
  • Disdainable Development – Politicizing Natural Lifestyles
  • The Profits of Misery – Follow the Money!
  • Inspiration & Aspirations – Creating a World of Peace and Beauty